The history

At our factory at Ossona, near Milan, we have been producing the choice desserts of the Italian confectionery tradition with single-minded commitment since 1997. Through our constant work to study and develop ever new, original recipes, today we can offer you a complete range of delicious specialities for real connoisseurs. The delicious tiramisus, the delicate panna cottas, the exquisite profiteroles and lots, lots more to delight all tastes.

We have learnt that goodness comes from a blend of factors: continuous modernisation to introduce new technologies, painstaking attention to the strictest health and safety parameters and the guarantees provided by a complete production cycle, from the sponges and Choux pastry puffs used through to packaging. We combine all these with the meticulous search for quality in our raw materials, in keeping with traditional recipes. This is why when you dip your spoon into a Solo Italia dessert, what delights your nostrils and taste-buds is much more than just a good dessert.

The manufacture

Our ultra-modern, fully automated production facility in Ossona has an overall capacity of 30,000 metric tons.

In order to guarantee the highest quality standards, production processes are computer-controlled and centralized; from receiving and checking raw materials, to every stage of the production process, through to clustering and packaging. In 2008 we opened a large production department for the preparation of semi-processed bakery products such as sponge cake, sponge fingers and puff pastry cases (for choux buns, etc..). the new fully automated production line is 140 m long, one of the biggest lines in Europe for this kind of product.


Quality, authenticity, innovation and dynamism: these are the Solo Italia core values. Our constant commitment to maintaining the quality of a hand-made product, together with the food safety offered by production using the latest technologies, make our firm one of the standard-bearers of the Italian confectionery tradition world-wide.
We guarantee consumers a high level of safety and quality through strict control of the raw materials used and constant control of the entire production chain, as reflected by the prestigious certifications obtained: ISO 9001, IFS, BRC and HALAL.
A special pilot production line, coordinated by a Research & Development laboratory, is at work every day to develop innovative recipes and also to try out new flavours and aromas to meet consumers’ demands.



Our wealth of expertise, acquired over the space of 20 years, plus our constant pursuit of creative innovation means Solo Italia is distinguished by a drive for innovation that translates into continuous Research & Development. Through the use of a special pilot production line, our R&D lab tests new recipes and tries out new flavours and aromas in order to satisfy the market’s very diverse demands. Our R&D is focused on improving existing products and in developing new products for private label production.