Solo Italia and sustainability

Awareness of sustainable development is one of the core values of our company, which is why in 2020, Solo Italia
launched a sustainable development plan for the short and long term.

Our plan for the next few years will see us mainly engaged on 4 fronts:
1. Lower resource consumption, meaning saving water and reducing our carbon footprint, but also less waste and cleaner transport;
2. Development of nutritionally healthy products and packaging with reduced environmental impact;
3. Safeguarding biodiversity and promoting agroecology;
4. Improving the quality of life inside and outside our company.


Company fleet with hybrid vehicles and charging points available to employees in the car park

Reduction of 62 tons of plastic in 2020

Photovoltaic system installed from 2010 and currently being upgraded

Biogas plant of the latest generation to transform waste into electricity

Electric shuttle for transporting raw materials

Many actions have already been implemented; others have already been introduced and, in the coming years, we will be even more committed to converting our ambitions into real, measurable actions.