Solo Italia and Milan

Solo Italia was born in 1997 on the outskirts of Milan, a city with which it has always had a deep bond and feeling.

Energy, multiculturalism, and modernity make Milan a unique city on the Italian and European scenes.
Vibrant, curious and enterprising, Milan is a dynamic and constantly evolving city.

The beating heart of the Italian economy, it is the most European of the cities on the peninsula, with a very strong international vocation.

The history of Milan is lost in the mists of time, giving it a unique heritage of culture and tradition, which does not prevent it from constantly looking to the future.

With this same spirit, we at Solo Italia continue to do what we have been passionate about for over 25 years: prepare traditional Italian and international desserts with a touch of creativity and imagination for a unique and never boring experience.


Solo Italia and quality

We have always been passionate about scrupulously searching for the finest, top-quality raw materials and ingredients, which allows us to offer the guarantee of a complete production process. In our plants, we also produce baked goods like sponge cake, ladyfingers and cream puffs, as well as mascarpone. That’s because every detail counts.

Quality, authenticity, innovation and dynamism: these are the core values that characterize Solo Italia. The constant commitment to maintaining the quality of an artisanal product, combined with the safety of a production using the most modern technologies, makes our company one of the standard-bearers of traditional Italian desserts around the globe. The scope of Solo Italia extends and goes beyond Italian borders, satisfying the palates of customers in Europe and abroad.

In Solo Italia we guarantee customers a high level of safety and quality through a careful control of the raw materials and ingredients used and a constant monitoring of the entire production process, as attested by the prestigious certifications we have obtained.

The Rainforest Alliance seal indicates products from countries in the Southern Hemisphere that meet certain ecological and social standards. The Rainforest Alliance has been working in over 80 countries for over 30 years to conserve biodiversity, protect the environment, and promote the rights and well-being of workers, their families and the community.

Fairtrade is an international organization that works every day to improve the conditions of agricultural producers in developing countries, promoting sustainable development from an environmental, social and economic perspective.